Porterhouse Records was formed in the spring of 1997 by Hollywood based record producer/musician Steve Kravac whose production credits include MXPX, Pepper, Seven Seconds, Less Than Jake and Tsunami Bomb.

Armed with an understanding of the plight of developing bands and musicians, as well as the experience of touring and recording for indies and majors alike, he sought to create a label that cut through the smoke and mirrors associated with the recording industry. Known for doing deals on nothing more than a handshake and his word, he has created an enterprise that is fueled by respect for the creative process, and the savvy of being involved in the industry for over 25 years.

Each artist added to the Porterhouse family has been selected for their indivdual merits as opposed to the strategy of many indie labels that adhere to a sonic likeness to create label identity. Fans that come to know the acts associated with Porterhouse realize that the strength of the label comes from the diversity of it's artists and the recognition of their unique talents.

The latest additions to the parent company Porterhouse Prime Vinyl and Porterhouse 101 have been born out of a necessity to move with demand for music in an ever changing environment. Porterhouse recognizes that ultimately the customer dictates the path of music delivery and demand, not the industry. By sticking to this dictum Porterhouse Records will continue to deliver entertainment to music fans they way they wish to receive and enjoy it.